WKFE Public Announcement - December 20, 2023

Regarding the recent occurrences at the European Championships in Kumburgaz, Istanbul, Turkey, held between December 15-17, the WKFE Board of Directors seeks to acknowledge and address the concerns raised.

Regrettably, two incidents disturbed the event for several WKFE officials present during the competition. Firstly, there were discrepancies in judging, marked by technical irregularities and inappropriate behavior toward WKFE officials. Despite a formal on-site protest to the local organizer TWF, these issues persisted throughout the event.

Secondly, political displays were reported during the prize-giving ceremonies, reportedly initiated by individual members associated with the TWF.

Immediate measures were taken on-site, including personal meetings and official protests, to strongly contest these occurrences. Such actions do not align with our values and standards within the WKFE community.

An internal investigation has been launched to examine these incidents, seeking clarity and understanding thoroughly. This inquiry aims to identify any shortcomings and enable the implementation of necessary measures. The findings will be consolidated into a comprehensive report.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through this process. The Board of Directors remains steadfast in upholding the integrity and fair play of our sport, and we are diligently undertaking all essential steps to address these concerns transparently and effectively.

WKFE / Board of Directors